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Unbelievably, I rang in the new year in a house full of 7 kids and I was asleep by the same room where they all partied like it's 1999!! Oh well, now I'm well-rested and working on amazing soaps for all of you! Here are just a few of the favorites I've been making over the Christmas break.....gearing up for being busy with goat babies!! P.S. Once babies come, local folks can come shop AND see babies (by appointment of course!).

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Debi Goodman
Debi Goodman
Jan 01, 2021

They all look yummy! Ladies, try Into The Woods. My husband can't live without it! And I don't mind a bit. My favorite is Rustic Mint. And I always have Lav O Cado by the kitchen sink. Happy 21 everyone! Can't wait til we can all get back out in the world and share smiles and hugs!

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