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Meet the Gang - Tori!

My daughter and I made a round-trip of approximately 18 hours (and an overnight stay) to pick up our sweet Tori (Tor-Tor) from Arkansas! She was in need of a new family, and we were in need of a partner in crime for Gabe! She is a few years older than he is.....she has some quirks.....and she is extremely serious about guarding her animals AND people! It is an ongoing process to work out the kinks between dogs....and livestock guardians can have a whole different level of 'kinks'. Tori is pretty demanding in her Queen of the Barnyard way, but we love her to death, and I would trust either of them with my life - as well as my family's. The Lord knows what we need, when we need it....and if we're being still and listening, He shows us! That is how I feel about Tori coming to live with us. Blessed.

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Debi Goodman
Debi Goodman
22 de jan. de 2021

Tori has certainly been a blessing! You've taught her a lot. And God has used her to teach you as well!

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