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New Year, New Priorities

For those who may not follow us on Facebook or Instagram, or who might be wondering why it seems like I've been missing-in-action for a bit........our road, county, property, and SO many of our neighbors were hit by an EF-3 tornado on January 12th. Our county had 7 fatalities, and the tornado path was calculated to be 82 miles alot of our great state of Alabama was impacted. We personally lost a workshop, a tractor shed, a chicken coop, and a dog run - but miraculously the path that took those out literally hopped right over everything that lived and breathed on this farm - and we were ALL home when it happened. The past two weeks I have been focused on helping my community, and many of you have given $$, time and donations toward my efforts - I am forever grateful!! The soap shop (online and at the farm) IS open.....I am going to work hard at building inventory (although I did that a bit prior to this also :) ) and I will be attending several markets in the upcoming as soon as I can update the website I will, but the first one is the Mardi Gras parade in Prattville.....11am-3pm.....I'd love to see you there!

Hug your loved kind........and say a prayer for so many in Alabama, and particularly Autauga County.....clean up is happening, but emotionally there are many of us hurting in so many different ways. <3

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1 Comment

Debi Goodman
Debi Goodman
Jan 29, 2023

So very grateful that you all are safe. You've been doing amazing things for your community!! Every step forward is a step towards healing.

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