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A "Behind the Soaps" look... herd health and parasite management!

The Boyz are back together! We had a long month or more of parasite issues with our "Little Red"....but he is well again, and we are giving our main pastures a few more weeks of a break! So my bottom-line on parasites if you have pastures....rotational grazing of no more than 2 weeks per area (we will do a few hours each day) with a LONG rest period (4-6 weeks) is crucial! Electric fencing (solar powered netting) is absolutely the best thing I've ever invested in on this farm. We have two sets to keep boys/girls separate, and I can switch the charger between fence in the morning, the other in the afternoon. The guilt that came along with knowing I should've done things differently is something I'm not willing to go through again! And for at least a few weeks, I can see the boys right outside my kitchen window😊

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