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With the beginning of a new season coming soon, and the cost of EVERYTHING going up all around us, I have had to do some thinking and figuring about alot in the last few months. I've had to downsize my herd (again, and more to come) due to the cost of feed, hay, food for guardian dogs, vet, etc. The cost of materials to make soaps, lotions, etc, and ESPECIALLY packaging (bottles, jars, labels) has ALL gone up.....yet I know that I've been blessed with some resources, and a passion for what I do. With that being said, I have resolved to shop smarter, make a few changes where I can (no more fancy thank you!) and NOT raise the prices of my goat's milk soaps!! I want others to be able to benefit from what I have been blessed with - and enjoy what I work so hard for. And I am not going to raise prices on my lotions.....on the contrary, I'm going to LOWER them! Please keep in mind that I will not be hiring any help - LOL - so be patient if your favorites aren't in stock, they will be - and use the "Customize" tab on the site or the Back In Stock function....which I have yet to locate, but many of you have already used it. HA HA!

I believe what is necessary will always be provided.....and I am finding new ways (and sources) all the time to lower my costs - which lets me lower YOUR costs!!!! least for now, this small business will still be about good, quality products and fair, honest practices!! Thank you for believing in it too, helping me support several organizations as well! :)

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