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Meet the Gang - Gabriel!

My very first LGD (livestock guardian dog) is Gabe....a (now) 3 year old Great Pyrenees! He almost killed me through the puppy stage, and now that's he's 'mature' he would kill FOR me...or for my family....or for the goats...and maybe, just maybe for the chickens...LOL! Entering the world of LGD ownership should never be a quick decision, and should be heavily researched.......I say that NOW! But if done correctly, or mostly, there is no way you could ever imagine your farm without one again. We were blessed to find him....he is my partner in the barnyard....and I will never know how much he protects everyone from!! Love you, baby boy! (Scroll down for the 'now' pic!)

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Debi Goodman
Debi Goodman
15. tammik. 2021

I remember when you first got him. An adorable bundle of fluff. He's VERY intimidating now. Until he catches my sent and remembers me. He's an excellent LGD!

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