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OH BOY!!! And my amazing human kids too!

So......there is one appointment that I just won't cancel/reschedule, and that is the dermatologist. I am a melanoma patient/survivor. I am also a nervous goat mom, who has lost alot of sleep in the last few days with yet another overdue Today I drove 40 minutes to my dermatologist, and in just under an hour Angel went into labor, and delivered twins.....with my 3 wonderful, brave, capable human children supervising!!!! Angel is a first time mom, and the first baby's sac did not break on it's own - but my son (he's 11) stepped right in and said "we need to break the sac so it can breathe!"......and proceeded to do just that! They kept me on the phone until I was almost home, and I came home to momma and babies doing great!! She's a natural at mothering......and my kids are the best ever. Red is a proud first time daddy.......and both of these bucklings are gorgeous!! Enjoy the pics!

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Debi Goodman
Debi Goodman
09 nov. 2022

They are beautiful!!! I guess Angel just wanted to prove a point. Congratulations.

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