The Day After...…….

"Mom, I loved Christmas this year - it was a good day!" reflected my 13 yr old, as we mucked out the goat stall together today...a warm December day in central AL. And you know, she's right! While I'm always sad when there are no guests, it was a simple time this year - mostly because the month or two leading up to now was so crazy.....I just had to let some things go, and some things did not happen.....small Christmas lists, no-fuss time spent together....and it was good. Farm life can be tough - vacations as a family are slim to none these days - but the excitement that comes with the impending birth of baby goats makes up for it, for the majority of us!

New soaps are being planned out and made.....stalls are ready for momma goats to kid any day now......and we are planting rye grass in our new pasture for supplementing our hay next spring! A big move for the large hen house and birds is on the horizon......we have an unrelenting hawk, and after losing a 3rd laying hen to him, we've decided that closer to the barnyard (and the guardian dogs) the better their chances of survival.

Last but not least, with new goats comes a new milk supply - we are blessed, and I am thankful. There's always something to fix, change, feed, keep alive, clean, plant, or say goodbye to......but I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Farm life.....


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