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Upcoming schedule, where to shop, and TV goats!!!

What a FUN and amazing blessing to do this news segment! We were able to do one a few years ago, and I was pleasantly surprised when my suggestion to do a follow-up was so well received by Judd Davis at WSFA! My business has come a long way in a short time....thanks to all of YOU!!! Come see me over the next few month's at the Prattville Farmer's Market (starting 6/4), the Millbrook Farmer's Market (I will only be at the Saturday ones on May 28, June 25, and July 23) and Market Days on the Farm in Clanton (Sept 9 & 10)! You can also find some of my products at Prattville Pickers, Company St. Mercantile (Wetumpka), online at, OR visit my Facebook page to book an appointment to shop at the farm! Heavenward Homestead: From goat milk to soap (

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