What a New Year so far!!!!

We rang in the new year with a special visit from family, and our first baby goat of the year (bred AND born on our farm - from two of our own goats!) Check her out under the 'DOES' tab! We now have a doe that is TEN DAYS past the 'normal' due date for Nigerians, but not too far past for the Oberhasli side of her - I'm a nervous wreck! She seems fine about it though. We also had a FUN experience taping a segment about our farm (and soaps!) of County Road 12 with Judd Davis from WSFA! I will post a link to that segment on the 'ABOUT' page! We hope you are having a blessed year so far - and we look forward to more fun around here!

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Due to the market going on tomorrow, the website checkout will be disabled until tomorrow night. You will still be able to view products, however the inventory may change. I did receive several orders