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What a summer! And HACKED!

Hi everyone!! I have been doing farmer's markets every Tuesday and Saturday - business has been amazing, and I have gotten to know so many of my customers this way!! Just 2 more weeks at the Millbrook market, and the Prattville market goes through the end of August. Come say Hi!

New for today - I have finally been hacked! Just my soap page on Facebook - of course - so if you follow me there, I am currently called "Notification - Your Account"......ha has been reported, passwords changed, and I am working on how to change the name back! Apparently someone in Indonesia reallly wanted to be me........such is the life.......LOL! So bear with me - the website is still working just fine - had orders come in today with no problem - and I will have a few shampoo bars up by tomorrow!!!

I hope you are having a great summer.........we're about to get back to our schoolwork, and open a business for one of my kids - good times!!! The goats will be multiplying soon.......and I could sure use a little vacation........... ;)

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