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What happened??? Kidding Season 2021 - that's what!

Today a deposit was placed on our last Spring 2021 kid for sale....and the last few months seem like a blur! To summarize: we ended kidding season with 2 Mini Nubian doelings, 1 Mini Nubian buckling, 1 ND doeling, and 3 ND bucklings! We are retaining the 2 Mini doelings, and cannot wait to see them grow out and mature! We also lost one kid in an emergency c-section, but our awesome vet saved our nanny goat (and matriarch) Chrissy. Farm life is tough, but oh-so-rewarding!

We did some herd reducing as well - never easy, but they are in great hands at new homes - so the above picture features our remaining four does and their kids!

Introducing Heavenward Homestead Angel Whisper! Our very first homebred Mini Nubian....she is sweet, gorgeous, quiet, and potentially a show goat - we shall see!! But for now, she is enjoying being the oldest of 5 littles, until June when 3 of them go to their new homes. We love her! Her sire is our purebred Nigerian, La Z Hooves SOG Maverick and her dam is our purebred Nubian, Cherokee Rose Pika's Treasure! We will definitely breed that pair again!

I have two first time mom's coming along nicely on the milk stand, and will soon be adding Bonnie (last year's soap-goat!) back to the mix. Our family is blessed to have enough milk for drinking, baking, feeding our animals, AND soap making. My hope is that we never take that for granted!

Stay tuned for more exciting news on the soap-front in the coming months!

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