Wrapping up 2020 with a BANG!

So glad we were able to participate in what turned out to be a pretty big event! Thankful for the City of Millbrook putting on their Christmas celebrations - and thankful for all of YOU! The website is back up.....we have an EXCITING new year coming in soaps AND goats....stay tuned!!! Don't forget - you can leave reviews on my Facebook page Heavenward Homestead - Soaps and More, as well as Alexia's page Heavenward Homestead - Baking's A Blessing!!! Enjoy your loved ones if you can during this time, and remember the Reason for the Season!!!

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The website has been updated.....shipping is now available online to 48 states (Missouri and Pennsylvania are under review, but not off the list!!) Tell your friends :)


We are just about a week away from our first kidding of the season!!!! Momma goat is doing fine, I am getting to be a wreck - LOL! Going to be on my own for disbudding and banding (if boys) this time

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